How Hotels are Faring in Transformative Times
We live in extraordinary times. There are only a limited number of periods in America's 245-year history which have been as transformative as 2020 (i.e., 1776, 1865, 1929, 1945, 1968, 2001). The confluence of a global pandemic, mass civil disobedience, and the transfer of power will undoubtedly affect...
ITB Berlin NOW and Statista look back on 2020, a turbulent year in travel
Travel restrictions are affecting Germans' summer vacation plans - Domestic tourism not impacted as severely by the pandemic - Technological innovations, personalised travel services and the current low volume of travel could trigger a resurgence of the travel industry
7 Tips To Increase Your Hotel's Occupancy With A Competent Cloud-based Hotel PMS
2021 is predicted to be a pivotal year for the hospitality industry. Most countries have successfully managed to control the spread of the coronavirus. The success of hotels will largely depend on our capabilities as an industry to adapt, innovate, and upgrade ourselves.
Lessons Learned in 2020 Spark New Digitalization Trends for Frontline Workers in 2021
It may be a new year, but it is far from business as usual for those working in the hospitality industry. According to new data released from the U.S. Department of labor, "498,000 employees were laid off from their jobs in the leisure and hospitality sector in December 2020.
World Economic Forum: Vaccines may soon allow international travel to take off again. But will it ever return to normal?
The COVID-19 pandemic brought the global tourism industry to a screeching halt in 2020. With vaccines starting to be rolled out, there is hope international travel can resume soon, but exactly when — and how — is the million-dollar question.
A Best Western hotel in London is now taking in Covid-19 patients as hospitals run out of beds
The Best Western Hotel in the London suburb of Croydon would normally be packed with visiting families, out-of-town construction workers, and business travelers.
Key hospitality technology trends to watch in 2021
As we start to look forward to the new year, there are two key trends which we have already begun to see emerge throughout the course of 2020. Both have been driven, in the most part, by the advance of the Coronavirus pandemic - digitisation and the use of data.
Global Travel Writers Show Cautious Optimism for Travel in 2021
An overwhelming majority of global travel writers (94%) plan to resume travel this year for first-hand reporting, a strong indication of the pent-up demand for travel with recognition about safety with the availability of coronavirus vaccines, according to a Finn Partners Global Travel Practice survey...
Spirides Provides $13.5 Million Hotel Construction Loan for new Comfort Suites in Lake Buena Vista-Orlando, FL
Spirides Hospitality Finance Company has successfully provided and the borrower has officially closed a $13.5 million construction and permanent mortgage loan made by a Southeast U.S. headquartered bank to finance the development of a new Comfort Suites in Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, Florida.
The Role of Technology in Cleaning and Sanitizing in the Era of the New Normal
The need to be reassured that your night's stay is cleaner than ever has never been this critical before in the hospitality industry. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, heightened measures for cleaning and sanitization need to be imposed, as the safety of both the guests and staff remains paramount...
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