The Rise of Virtual Restaurants: Marketing as a Driving Force to its Success
The growth of the hospitality industry over the last couple of years was nothing short of impressive. This trend was quickly cut short at the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. With more than 110,000 restaurants closed permanently in the US alone and many more no longer serving indoor dining, it would...
Marriott’s new CEO sat down with TPG to talk Bonvoy benefits, hot breakfast and more
Long before he was interested in hotels, Anthony “Tony” Capuano wanted to be a fighter pilot.
Research Reveals Effective Social Media Crisis Communication Strategies During COVID-19 Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic is a once-in-a-generation crisis with lasting economic and societal consequences. Crises and disasters often bring unpredictable catastrophic changes to the market. Yet, effective management of a crisis can help businesses reduce the event's negative impacts and shorten the recovery...
Total Revenue Forecasting Is Coming…Rome
Like most of the global working population, I’m writing to you from my home office today outside London. I’ve stayed connected with colleagues and clients alike via virtual meetings and email while enjoying the slow reopening of our beloved industry and looking ahead to the further cessation of pandemic...
Q2 2021 Major U.S. Hotel Sales Survey
The U.S. Lodging Industry has shifted dramatically over the past twelve months. Looking back to this time last year, the world was fiercely battling the Coronavirus pandemic, virtually weaponless without anything other than masks and social distancing measures. We are now roughly six months into the...
4 Fake News about the State of OTAs post-COVID-19
With the slow reopening of international travel, most of the larger online booking platforms, led by and Expedia, have finally decided to turn their billion-dollars marketing power engine back on. This thunderous comeback ought to put Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) back in the spotlight after...
Portugal Orders COVID Test, Vaccination Proof At Hotel Check-in
Scrambling to bring under control a worrying COVID-19 surge, tourism-dependent Portugal imposed stricter rules on Thursday, requiring holidaymakers to show a negative test, a vaccination certificate or proof of recovery to stay in hotels.
Making 2021 The Year To Solve The Chargeback Problem
Every dollar counts in the new normal. That’s because, even with all the cuts made during the pandemic, the costs of ramping operations back up with all the new safety requirements – while also servicing debt – are making hotels an increasingly difficult business to keep out of the red. Driving...
End-to-End Guest Experience Software Critical For The Travel Recovery
Whether you look at travel search volume, STR reports or your own weekly pick-up, the forecasted travel recovery is on the horizon (if it isn’t already in your territory). While we don’t know exactly when this will happen, what we do know is that it will be nonlinear and erratic as not every country...
IBTM Wired Day Four Wrap Up: Re-Imagining The Future Events Experience
Wrapping up the keynote speaker slots for IBTM Wired was Stephen Attenborough, Commercial Director, Virgin Galactic, who inspired us all to reach for the stars – literally - and dream big with a discussion about the very real possibility of sending people into space on Virgin Galactic’s commercial...
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