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The Chief Sales Officer Perspective: On Business Travel, Pricing and Talent

During the recent Chief Sales Officer Virtual Executive Roundtable, the group addressed several topics, including the return of business travel, communicating pricing to customers, and best practices for commercial talent today. Here’s how they responded to survey questions about these pressing issues.

Trends in Hospitality Sales Incentive Compensation

In 2020, many brands’ sales organizations and incentive compensation plans were upended, requiring challenging and swift decision-making. In 2022, we see brands adapting their organizations and plans to meet the “return-to-travel” moment.

HSMAI Top 25 Profile: Jamieson Asselta

HSMAI recently honored the 2021 Top 25 Extraordinary Minds in Hospitality Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Optimization, including Jamieson Asselta, director of global enterprise sales at IDeaS Revenue Solutions.

The Hospitality Faculty Perspective on the Sales Career Path

In continuing the conversation on the challenges in hospitality talent and the talent pipeline, the HSMAI Foundation held its Hospitality School Sales Faculty Forum to discuss the student perspective when it comes to the sales career path.

Post-Pandemic Sales Mindset, Strategies, and Challenges

We have entered a new era of hospitality and travel. As sales professionals and leaders, it is imperative that we shift our mindset and adopt certain strategies that will lead to effective change in our approach to sales.

HSMAI Customer Insight: Travelers’ COVID-19 Fears Continue to Recede | Longwoods

Longwoods International’s tracking study reveals many reasons for optimism in that COVID-19 fears among travelers continue to recede, even as travel sentiment is being impacted by higher gas prices in ways that may alter traveler behavior.  Exclusive insights on the findings for HSMAI from Longwoods President & CEO Amir Eylon.

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