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16 Tips for Preventing Burnout: Keep You and Your Team Happy 😊

Burnout is most common among high achievers and is often related to being short-staffed and high turnover, both prevalent in the current climate. Over the last year, burnout has been a recurring topic for the Rising Sales Leader Council as we’ve brainstormed ways to prevent burnout in ourselves and our teams.  

Sales Evolving in an Automated World

The HSMAI Sales Advisory Board recently met to talk about proactive sales, formerly known as “prospecting,” in its more intimidating form. The conversation was revealing. While the expectation was to discuss overcoming obstacles to prospecting, what played out was a conversation about the ease of proactive sales in our new environments.   

Seven Ways to Improve Sales Efficiency

many hotel sales teams are bogged down with administrative tasks and other duties that leave them with less time to sell. The HSMAI Sales Advisory Board met to discuss how hotel sellers can be more efficient and have more time to sell.

Sales Forecasting: Is Accurate the Enemy of Good Enough?

In 2023 we have fallen back into uncertainty where the conversation around the economic concerns doesn’t match the actual data the hotels are experiencing in real time. Insights from the HSMAI Sales Advisory Board on how we are forecasting in today’s climate.  

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