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Recruiting and Deploying Niche Market Sellers

HSMAI’s Sales Advisory Board is developing resources to help hospitality organizations that are gearing up to bring back staff and hire for new positions, including niche market sellers. This outline will help sales leaders effectively recruit and deploy niche market sellers.

The Importance of Building Resilience

HSMAI’s Rising Sales Leader Council (RSLC) discussed how to build resilience and why the trait is so necessary in today’s workplace on a recent call. Here are key takeaways from their discussion.

Resilience Starts With Your Own Wellbeing

As business comes back, an already stressed and strained hospitality workforce faces even more pressure. Take a pause with performance expert Dr. Jannell MacAulay’s exclusive three-part series on personal, professional, and organizational resilience.

Being a Sales Hunter, Part 3: The 8 Strengths of Successful Hotel Sales Hunters

HSMAI’s Sales Advisory Board has created a three-part series to help sales hunters improve their skills and increase their value to organizations, beginning with a checklist of best practices, followed by advice on developing prospecting skills, and now including this list of strengths to look for when hiring a sales hunter.

Sales Metrics for ROI & Recovery in 2021

As hotels bring back sales teams, it’s more important than ever to measure the things that matter most to business recovery. HSMAI’s Sales Advisory Board suggests the following metrics to track at the property level to ensure sales is delivering effective, efficient, and measurable outcomes.

Is Working From Home Here to Stay?

During a recent call, members of HSMAI’s Sales Advisory Board (SAB) discussed how hotel companies can use flexible benefits as an incentive to retain and hire sales talent.

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