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HSMAI provided access to resources that helped hotel and travel industry professionals stay informed about the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on sales, marketing, and revenue optimization, and guided them into recovery. New resources for the industry are now available and updated regularly via the Insights section of the site.

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HSMAI Insights

The Growing Importance of Digital Sales Skills

Shifting Priorities For Hotel Marketers

Connecting With Travelers in a Post-COVID Marketplace

An Informal, Anecdotal Forecast for Full Recovery

HSMAI PERSPECTIVE: Choosing to Be Part of the Solution

Leisure Sales in a Post-COVID Marketplace

Repositioning F&B to Succeed in the New Restaurant Reality

Group Sales in a Post-COVID Marketplace

What Is Business Acumen and Why Is It So Important?

Planning for Hospitality Recovery – Sales, Marketing, Revenue Resource Guides

Reopening Concerns and Best Practices for Hotel Management Companies

What the Future Holds for Sales Professionals

Planning for Hospitality Marketing Recovery

Planning for Hospitality Sales Recovery

Planning for Hospitality Revenue Recovery

ROC@Home Presenter Tony Webber on the Asia Pacific Economy

HSMAI PERSPECTIVE: Moving Past Furloughs and Layoffs

When Revenue Professionals Return to Work

5 Things to Know When Going Back to Work Post COVID-19

HSMAI PERSPECTIVE: Why Cutting Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Optimization Is Short-Sighted

The Outlook From Hotel Management Company Sales & Marketing Pros

Best Practices for Hotel Management Company Sales and Marketing Professionals

The Value of Keeping Salespeople Employed

CURATE PRESENTS: The Legal Outlook for COVID-19

Staying Proactive as a Sales Professional

Staying the Course as a Revenue Professional

Best Practices for Hospitality Marketing Professionals

Key Indicators for Hospitality Sales Professionals

Key Indicators for Hospitality Marketing Professionals

Best Practices for Brand Revenue Professionals Responding to COVID-19

What Key Indicators Are Hotel Management Company CROs Tracking?

Scouting for Key Indicators for Brand Revenue Professionals

5 Tips for Marketers Today

CURATE PRESENTS: How to Be a Hospitality Sales Leader During COVID-19

Protecting Your Brand Means Protecting Your Customers

Sales Advice in the Time of Coronavirus

Integrating Technology in a Post-COVID Marketplace

How Are Associations Feeling About Meeting in Hotels?

What’s Changing for Hotel Revenue Professionals

What’s Changing for Hotel Sales Professionals

The State of the World Travel Economy 2020: Impact and Recovery Outlook

What’s Changing for Hotel Management Company Digital Marketers

What’s Changing for Brand Digital Marketers

HSMAI Special Report: Hospitality Post Pandemic Plans

New Research on the Barriers and Pathways to Strategic Innovation

Being a Successful Revenue Leader During This Time

HSMAI PERSPECTIVE: ROC@Home — From Revenue Strategy to Recovery

ROC@Home Presenter Mohamed Abu Basha on the Middle East Economy

Benchmarking and Working Together for Post-COVID Success

Marketing Content in the Post-COVID Marketplace

10 Tips for Getting Back to Group Sales

New Rules to Be Market Ready

HSMAI PERSPECTIVE: Your Own Road to Recovery

Revenue Predictions About Reopening

Marketing Career Path: Fuel’s Stuart Butler, CHDM

Planning for the Future of Hotel Marketing

Scouting for Key Indicators for Hospitality Digital Marketing Professionals

CURATE PRESENTS: Holding It Together Through Coronavirus

Staying Focused on Messaging and Tactics

Best Practices for Hotel Loyalty Professionals

Best Practices for Sales Professionals Responding to COVID-19

4 Points: Continuing the Discussion on Coronavirus Impacts

Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic – What Should the Industry Expect?

Learning From Past Crises

Pricing Psychology in Challenging Times

Crisis Communication and Marketing Expert Insights

HSMAI SPECIAL REPORT: Crisis Communications for Hospitality Marketing Professionals

Force Majeure and Other Coronavirus Legal Questions

The First Rule of Coronavirus: Don’t Panic

Marketing in the Age of Coronavirus

HSMAI Customer Insights

Traveler sentiment insights for HSMAI from industry leaders

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