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Fuel Sales

Sales Leader Forum Insight: Speak with Influence: Communicating with Impact as a Leader

Leading communication expert and champion, Karen Laos, provides best practices for stepping up your communication game in the workplace. Whether you’re a seasoned expert in the field or growing into a new role, Karen offered tips and tricks for enhancing your presence and your message in this HSMAI Sales Leader Forum 2022 session.

Stay Positive When There’s Doubt: Insights From Cindy Novotny

Cindy Novotny of Master Connections, 2019 HSMAI Sales Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, provides exclusive insights for HSMAI members on how to stay positive amidst uncertainty heading in 2023. 

HSMAI Perspective: Insights From Sales Leader Forum 2022

The theme of last month’s HSMAI Sales Leader Forum was Elevate. Off-property sales leaders gathered to learn from experts, meet future leaders, and collaborate on the most pressing issues in hospitality sales. We’ve put together many of the best practices and ahas here.

Inspire Marketing

Tips and Tricks for Utilizing TikTok in Hospitality Marketing

HSMAI Rising Leaders Council recently discussed how effective TikTok can be as a marketing platform. Here are some ideas to think about when launching or developing your TikTok channel.

10 Ways to Operationalize Sustainable, Regenerative, and Locally Immersive Travel Experiences

Here are ten ideas HSMAI Rising Leader Council Members shared to operationalize green practices.

HSMAI Customer Insight: Full Speed Ahead for Holiday Travel Planning | Longwoods International

Holiday travel is returning more to patterns seen pre-pandemic. Get more insights on the findings for HSMAI from Longwoods President & CEO Amir Eylon.

Optimize Revenue

Is There Such a Thing as Distribution for Groups?

When we think of distribution, we typically think about corporate distribution and leisure distribution, but we rarely really think about group distribution. Why is that? Why is there still no widespread group distribution? Insights from the HSMAI Global Distribution Advisory Board.

Recession is coming in 2023: The good news is, your competitors are in denial about it

A plethora of economic indicators are pointing towards recession in 2023. While this news is disheartening, hotel management companies that act now in anticipation of the likely downturn will win the market share game for next year.

The Future of Retailing – Challenges and Opportunities

HSMAI’s Global Distribution Advisory Board recently got together to discuss all things retailing. Read on for the innovations, obstacles, and future of retailing.  

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Cindy Novotny on How to Adapt and Reinvent What You Are Selling

Cindy Novotny of Master Connections, 2019 HSMAI Sales Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, provides exclusive insights for HSMAI members on how to adapt to today’s environment and reinvent what you are selling based on market conditions.

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