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Fuel Sales

To Cluster or Not to Cluster?

With limited staff and resources, many organizations switched to cluster selling during the pandemic and are now deciding whether to keep this model or not. There are pros and cons to that approach.

Customized Selling Tips for Different Personality Types

In order to be an effective salesperson, it is crucial to understand the strengths and weaknesses that come from your personality. HSMAI’s Rising Sales Leader Council’s Sales Tools Workgroup has defined selling tips for four different personality types.

How Hotels Can Better Promote Sustainability

There are many small changes that hotel companies can implement that can make a big difference in terms of being more sustainable. HSMAI’s Rising Sales Leader Council (RSLC) discussed how their hotels are promoting sustainability on a recent call. Here are a few of their best ideas for how hotels can be more sustainable —and why it’s important.

Inspire Marketing

HSMAI Adrian Awards Best Practices: The Costa Rica Essentials Toolkit

Get inspiration to enter the 2021 Adrian Awards competition and learn what inspired judges to award Costa Rica a Best Practice Gold Award in the 2020 Adrians.

Best Practices for Identifying and Evaluating Influencers

Everything a digital marketer does should be for a reason — including using influencers, whose role has been complicated by the pandemic. Before you engage with an influencer, be clear in your goals for the partnership.

Best Practices for Your Hotel Website Content

With the pandemic only underscoring the importance of an attractive, engaging hotel website, it’s a good time to remind yourself of some of the basics — such as good content.

Optimize Revenue

Meet HSMAI Revenue Professional of the Year Jenna Villalobos

Recently, Villalobos, HSMAI’s 2021 corporate Revenue Optimization Professional of the Year, sat down with HSMAI to share what she loves about revenue management.

Meet HSMAI Revenue Optimization Educator of the Year Breffni Noone

Recently, Noone sat down with HSMAI to share what she loves about teaching and how her career has been shaped through the years.

Meet HSMAI Revenue Professional of the Year Apurv Batra

Recently Batra sat down with HSMAI to share how his career has evolved and what this award that will be given out at the upcoming ROC Americas means to him.

Video View

Cindy Novotny on How to Adapt and Reinvent What You Are Selling

Cindy Novotny of Master Connections, 2019 HSMAI Sales Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, provides exclusive insights for HSMAI members on how to adapt to today’s environment and reinvent what you are selling based on market conditions.

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