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Fuel Sales

HSMAI Customer Insight: Travelers Losing Confidence in Coronavirus Information Sources | Longwoods

Amir Eylon, President & CEO of Longwoods International, provides HSMAI insight into his firm’s latest traveler sentiment survey findings, including how the ever-shifting threat of the pandemic has taken its toll on consumer confidence in official information sources.

Reevaluating Your Sales Strategy

Take the time to pause and reevaluate your overarching sales strategy. We suggest the following three areas to focus on as you build and execute a recovery strategy.

HSMAI Customer Insights: Top 5 Sourcing Challenges Meeting Planners Face | Groups360

Here are five challenges to sourcing meetings as well as ways hoteliers can stand out from their comp set by addressing the needs of planners.

Inspire Marketing

PR Best Practices: Contiki’s #VoteWithNoRegrets

Take inspiration from last year’s Platinum winners, including Contiki’s “#VoteWithNoRegrets” campaign, in preparation for the 2020 Adrian Awards entry period.

HSMAI Customer Insight: The Most Important Word in Hospitality: Clean | MMGY

Consumers are looking for clues on how they can travel while minimizing risk for themselves and their families with research showing cleanliness is the most important factor now when selecting accommodations.

Update Profiles for Current and Future Guests

Think about what new trends may have emerged during this crisis and caused changes in consumer behavior. Some key trends from “Planning for Hospitality Recovery – Marketing,” a new playbook available from HSMAI and Amadeus.

Optimize Revenue

Why Revenue Optimization Is Essential Today

Throughout the pandemic, hoteliers have found themselves relying on revenue optimization more than ever — and in new and innovative ways.

HSMAI Customer Insight: Occupancy Changes, Segment Shifts, Rate Adjustments | Amadeus

In this article for HSMAI, Katie Moro, Vice President, Data Partnerships, Hospitality, Amadeus provides insight into three key metrics and important areas for consideration in your business during this time.

A Sales Approach to Optimizing Revenue

Cindy Novotny, managing partner at Master Connection Associates, shared sales tips that hospitality revenue professionals can also take advantage of.

Video View

Finding Success in the Middle of Chaos

HSMAI webinar featuring Bob Anderson on the process of revamping, reframing and re-engaging for success during these trying times

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