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HSMAI Rising Leader Council Insight: Thinking About Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Hospitality

In recent years, the hospitality industry has faced well-placed scrutiny over its lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The Rising Sales Leader Council discussed how they are thinking about DEI at personally and professionally. 

Sales Forecasting: Is Accurate the Enemy of Good Enough?

In 2023 we have fallen back into uncertainty where the conversation around the economic concerns doesn’t match the actual data the hotels are experiencing in real time. Insights from the HSMAI Sales Advisory Board on how we are forecasting in today’s climate.  

HSMAI Rising Leaders Council Insight: How We are Managing Client Expectations

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we’ve had to adapt when it comes to meetings, events, and even leisure travel. The Rising Sales Leader Council met to discuss the challenges we’ve faced successfully managing client expectations and share some strategies we use to manage these situations. 

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HSMAI Rising Leader Council Insight: Using Emerging Technologies to Stay Ahead of the Curve

From blockchain to data analytics to virtual reality and NFTs, there are a plethora of new technologies that can impact the way hospitality businesses operate. But which technologies are going to play the most important role in the future?

How will the tech layoffs impact hotel business?

HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board discussed what the layoffs could mean for the hospitality industry. While it may be too soon to say definitively, below are the top trends we’re noticing and planning for. 

HSMAI Customer Insight: Economic Worries on the Minds of Travelers | Longwoods International

According to the latest Longwoods International tracking study of American travelers, the current strong demand for travel may be in peril because of concerns about jobs, inflation and the economy.  About half of travelers report that concerns about their personal financial situation will impact their travel decisions in the next six months.  Insights for HSMAI from Longwoods President & CEO Amir Eylon

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2023 Global Distribution Issues

The HSMAI Global Distribution Advisory Board held its first meeting of 2023 recently and discussed key focus areas for 2023.

The Pros and Cons of Displaying Additional Mandatory Fees

What is the best way to handle these fees? Should they be included in the rate? Or should they be displayed separately? There is no easy answer. But there are three things to consider when making this decision. 

Four Tips for Measuring Hotel Performance

How do we know that we’re doing well compared to competitor hotels in our area? The HSMAI Rising Revenue Optimization Leader Council grappled with measuring performance with limited competitor data and unreliable year over year data. Here are ways that we are measuring success.

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Cindy Novotny on How to Adapt and Reinvent What You Are Selling

Cindy Novotny of Master Connections, 2019 HSMAI Sales Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, provides exclusive insights for HSMAI members on how to adapt to today’s environment and reinvent what you are selling based on market conditions.

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