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Fuel Sales

Unleashing the Power of Motivation: The HSMAI Sales Rising Leader Council on Keeping Teams Inspired and Productive

With the pandemic in our rear-view, and a focus on work life balance more prevalent than ever before, keeping our teams producing without the fear of “burn out” has been a continual focus for sales teams.

Exploring Sales Productivity and ROI

Hotel management company sales and marketing executives recently gathered to share their insights and experiences on sales productivity and return on investment (ROI) during a recent virtual HSMAI Hotel Management Company Sales & Marketing Executive Roundtable.

Elevating the Sales Discipline: 10 Takeaways for Leveraging Technology

The integration of technology into the sales process is not just a trend but a necessary step toward staying competitive and achieving success. The HSMAI Sales Advisory Board recently explored the impact of technology on sales and its benefits. 

Inspire Marketing

Insights from HSMAI’s Marketing Professional of the Year – Corporate: Jay Hubbs

Jay Hubbs, CHDM, Vice President-Advertising, Marketing, Innovation and Analytics for BWH Hotels, will receive the corporate Marketing Professional of the Year during HSMAI’s Marketing Strategy Conference in Toronto on June 27.

Global Trends & Evolving Customers…and what they mean for hotel marketing

Steven Van Belleghem will be joining us in Toronto to present the keynote at the HSMAI Marketing Strategy Conference. He will address the global trends and evolving customers that hotel marketers are grappling with today and leave you with recommendations for your marketing efforts. He recently shared his insights with HSMAI staff.

Three Tips for Capturing the Attention of Gen Z and Developing Brand Loyalty Today

Hoteliers need to begin to find opportunities to begin to weave the fabric of their brand DNA into the Gen Z audience in order to create brand loyalists in the future. The HSMAI Rising Marketing Leader Council recently discussed how we are marketing to Gen Z. 

Optimize Revenue

Insights From HSMAI Vanguard Award Winner Andrew Rubinacci

Andrew Rubinacci, EVP, Commercial & Revenue Strategy at Aimbridge, will receive the Vanguard Award during HSMAI ROC Americas, June 28, part of HSMAI Commercial Strategy Week in Toronto.

Navigating Change Management

In the climate of rapid technological innovations, change management is critical for hospitality companies. Successfully implementing change requires a strategic approach, an innovative mindset, and the ability to bring stakeholders on board.

7 Qualities of an Influential Communicator

Leading communication expert and confidence cultivator, Karen Laos, sat down with HSMAI staff to offer a preview of her closing keynote at HSMAI ROC in Toronto in June.

Video View

Cindy Novotny on How to Adapt and Reinvent What You Are Selling

Cindy Novotny of Master Connections, 2019 HSMAI Sales Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, provides exclusive insights for HSMAI members on how to adapt to today’s environment and reinvent what you are selling based on market conditions.

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