Update Profiles for Current and Future Guests

Think about what new trends may have emerged during this crisis and caused changes in consumer behavior. Some key trends we’ve seen are:

“Generation Clean”: As well as classifying travelers by Millennials, Gen X, or Baby Boomers, let’s welcome “Generation Clean” — a new cross-generational segment of travelers who will prioritize health and hygiene when hotel shopping post COVID-19. In a survey of HSMAI members, 38 percent believe a change in health and safety will be the most significant trend we’ll see during crisis recovery, and a further 47 percent also see this as the most impactful long-term trend.


Experience over convenience: The influx of online events now available is a clear indication that the experience economy is here to stay. After months of confinement, consumers will focus on trips that deliver meaningful experiences. Hotels have an opportunity to build packages for different traveler types, from the solo adventurer, couples, groups — and beyond — that appeal to this need.

Digital domination: A greater dependency on mobile and internet during lockdown has led to an even greater adoption of all things digital. For consumers, this has caused a change in the way information is consumed, with more time spent on social media than ever before and new trends emerging, such as the popularity of short videos on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. As a result, marketers are faced with different ways of marketing to and interacting with consumers.

Excerpted from Planning for Hospitality Recovery – Marketing, a new playbook available from HSMAI and Amadeus.

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