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Key Indicators for Hospitality Marketing Professionals

HSMAI hosted a Chief Marketing Officer Virtual Roundtable on March 31 that focused on the impact that COVID-19 is having on hotel marketing. Here are four key indicators that CMO participants said are helping to guide their strategies and future planning.

CURATE PRESENTS: How to Be a Hospitality Marketing Leader During COVID-19

Continuing our series of interviews with HSMAI Lifetime Achievement honorees we recently talked to Leland Pillsbury, recipient of HSMAI’s Albert E. Koehl Award for Lifetime Achievement in Hospitality Marketing. His advice for hospitality marketing leaders responding to coronavirus is simple: You have to be straight with people.

5 Tips for Marketers Today

Here are key takeaways from a recent HSMAI Marketing Advisory Board discussion, including what marketers are doing right now — or can be doing — to remain productive.

Protecting Your Brand Means Protecting Your Customers

Hospitality marketing professionals who are struggling with messaging in the midst of a public health crisis should take heart: Everyone wants the same thing. In a recent interview, Marina MacDonald, CHDM, chief marketing officer for Red Roof Inn and chair of the HSMAI Americas Board of Directors, explained how.

Best of Show: D-Day With The National WWII Museum

Take some inspiration from HSMAI Adrian Awards Best of Show 2019 winner The National WWII Museum’s “Owning an Entire News Cycle: D-Day With The National WWII Museum,” which was honored in the Public Relations/PR Campaign/Special Event category.

Crisis Communication and Marketing Expert Insights

Laura Guitar of rbb Communications, and Chris Davidson of MMGY Global shared their perspectives and tips for hospitality marketing professionals as part of a program in HSMAI’s Confronting Coronavirus webinar series. Here are key takeaways from their presentation.

Marketing in the Age of Coronavirus

Marketing never stops. Even when a crisis event like coronavirus seems to be consuming everyone’s attention, you still have to get your message out — but do so in a sensitive, thoughtful way. How? Brian Hall, chief marketing officer of Explore St. Louis and a member of the HSMAI Americas Board of Directors, recently offered some insights.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Rosen Tangelo Park Program

HSMAI’s 2019 Adrian Awards competition Corporate Social Responsibility Award honors an organization using its resources to focus on issues that matter to a company’s employees, customers, and communities. Take some inspiration from this year’s CSR Award winner: Rosen Hotels & Resorts’ Tangelo Park Program.

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