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Behind the Scenes of the Adrian Awards: Judges Reveal Winning Strategies

Every year, the Adrian Awards demonstrate creativity, strategic excellence, and technological innovation. This year’s awards have not only highlighted the excellence that illuminates our industry but also presented a wealth of insights from the judges —insights that can benefit every travel marketing and PR professional. Here, we dive into the trends that distinguished winners from entrants in the eyes of the judges. Our judges have a rich history of involvement with HSMAI and a deep understanding of the industry’s evolution.  

HSMAI Long Read

Industry can take a more active role in bringing commercial careers to the classroom through paid internships, specific case studies, industry RFPs sent to schools for research projects, and access to industry for mentoring students.

HSMAI Customer Insight: Travelers Cautiously Optimistic about 2024 Travel | Longwoods

According to the latest Longwoods International tracking study of American travelers, 92% of them plan to travel in the next six months, which is near a record high percentage in the past 12 months.  However, there has been an uptick in concern about both personal finances and travel costs. Exclusive insights for HSMAI from Longwoods President & CEO Amir Eylon.

Embracing WanderLOVE in the Heart of New York City

The Adrians are the longest-running and most prestigious awards in the hospitality industry, annually celebrating the finest in hospitality advertising, digital marketing, and public relations. In the run up to the celebration, I want to share insights into this year’s awards.

HSMAI Rising Leaders Council Aptitude Guide

43 HSMAI Rising Leader Council members took the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment. A group of the Rising Revenue Optimization Leader Council members then reviewed the results to explore core strengths of rising leaders in hospitality sales, marketing, and revenue. Read the report, where they identify the common breakdown of strengths making up each discipline’s persona. 

Leveraging Fintech in Travel

In a recent gathering of the HSMAI Marketing Advisory Board, financial technology was discussed. This article delves into our discussion, offering insights into how fintech could shape the future of hospitality. 

HSMAI Perspective: Advancing Women in Hospitality

This year, in collaboration with Women in Travel THRIVE, we took a significant step towards our mission with the release of the “The Power of Mentorship” research paper. This study, a critical examination of mentorship’s impact on female leadership in hospitality, offers insightful strategies for nurturing the next generation of women leaders. 

Is Generative Al Over-Hyped or Does It Have Real Business Value?

 For the past year, generative AI has been everywhere, but is it all hype? I set out to explore this question with HSMAI Marketing Advisory Board at a recent meeting. There were mixed opinions in the room, highlighting both the potential and the challenges of integrating AI into the hospitality sector. 

5 Place Based Marketing Strategies for Hotels

The success of a hotel often depends on its location. Whether it’s nestled in a national park or centered in a bustling city, location plays a pivotal role in attracting guests. Insights on making the most of location from the HSMAI Rising Marketing Leader Council.

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