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Why Hotel Marketing and Loyalty Leaders Are Feeling Optimistic

It may feel as if the entire hotel industry has relapsed during the surge of the delta variant, but there are plenty of reasons to feel good about the outlook for hospitality and travel. Participants at HSMAI’s Chief Marketing and Loyalty Officers Executive Roundtable shared some of the positive trends they’ve observed.

Best Practices for Your Hotel Website Content

With the pandemic only underscoring the importance of an attractive, engaging hotel website, it’s a good time to remind yourself of some of the basics — such as good content.

How the Pandemic Has Changed Guest Communications

While “pivot to virtual” has become a cliché of pandemic-era marketing and communication, there’s no denying that COVID only underscored the important role that digital plays in identifying and engaging guests, gathering their feedback, and cultivating their loyalty. Here’s how those dynamics shifted throughout the pandemic and have continued to evolve during recovery.

Capitalize on Commercial Strategy to Drive Market Share

In advance of the HSMAI Marketing Strategy Conference, presenters from the breakout “Capitalize on Commercial Strategy to Drive Market Share” gave a preview of issues they are facing and what attendees can expect from their session.

Google Date-Based Meta Bidding

The pandemic and recovery have led to a rise in direct bookings, which makes metasearch more important  than ever. By Dean Schmit, Founder, Base Camp Meta and, provides insights into a new feature available within google meta search bid levers in this video.

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