Original Research From HSMAI’s Curate: 9 Top Challenges

By Christopher Durso, Vice President of Content Development, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI)

What are the top-of-mind, priority-one issues for hospitality sales, marketing, and revenue-management leaders? That was the focal point of the original research that powered Curate, HSMAI’s new Executive Insights Forum, which debuted at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on April 18–19.

To prepare for Curate, we distributed a pre-event survey to HSMAI’s Organizational Members and Executive Roundtable participants — representing thought leaders and influencers across the profession — that asked them to identify the number-one challenge facing the hospitality industry, along with hospitality sales, marketing, and revenue management. And because we asked survey respondents to identify which hospitality field they work in, we were able to cross-tabulate the results, which were analyzed by Dr. Lalia Rach, founder and partner of Rach Enterprises, and presented in detail at the start of Curate. (You can see all the slides from our research here.)

Here’s what hospitality leaders say are the top issues facing the entire industry — with several overarching trends followed by responses broken down by field:


And here are the responses regarding the most challenging issues facing hospitality sales — with a macro trend followed by specific breakouts from the three fields. Between these and the all-industry responses, you can see some common themes emerging, especially talent acquisition and disruptive technology: