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The Essentials of Owned Media

Dan Wacksman, CHDM, CRME, CHBA, Principal, Sassato, provides insight into what constitutes Owned Media and how hotels can best take advantage of their assets: excerpted from HSMAI’s Hotel Digital Marketing Essentials + self-paced course.

Hospitality Marketing in the Cookie-Less Future

It’s no secret that the cookie-less world is coming. And while it may still be a few years off, the impact it will have on hospitality marketing is already being felt. The HSMAI Marketing Advisory Board recently met to discuss the looming cookie-less world.  

SEO and Entity Search in Hospitality Marketing

Search engine optimization is a critical strategy in ensuring visitors find your organization’s site and have a user-friendly experience once they get there. Entity search takes this a step further beyond keyword optimization to focus more on the context around search terms.

Metasearch Beyond Google

The pandemic and recovery have led to a rise in direct bookings, which makes metasearch more important than ever — and not just with the Big 5 channels.

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