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16 Tips for Preventing Burnout: Keep You and Your Team Happy ūüėä

Burnout is most common among high achievers and is often related to being short-staffed and high turnover, both prevalent in the current climate. Over the last year, burnout has been a recurring topic for the Rising Sales Leader Council as we’ve brainstormed ways to prevent burnout in ourselves and our teams.  

Three Trends to Watch in Hospitality Education

Twice annually the HSMAI Foundation convenes deans, directors, and faculty members in hospitality schools across North America to talk about what’s happening in the commercial arenas of sales, marketing, and revenue management education. Among the key findings: The industry needs to rekindle the passion that has historically attracted talent to hotel opportunities. 

HSMAI Perspective: The Second Annual State of Talent Report

The HSMAI Foundation is excited to announce the release of the 2nd Annual State of Talent report! This report dives into eight talent-related trends we have identified as key considerations for attracting new talent, developing emerging talent, and engaging existing talent.

HSMAI Foundation Best Practice: Internships Open Talent Pipelines

Why, in her extremely limited ‚Äúspare time,‚ÄĚ has Kerry Mack spent more than 20 years as an adjunct professor of Revenue Management at New York University‚Äôs Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management? For one reason: Talent.¬†¬†

5 Ideas to Meet your Professional Growth Goals for 2023

With the start of the new year, professional growth may be on your list of intentions or goals. The HSMAI Sales Rising Leader Council met to discuss the importance of continual learning in our career development, and how there are always opportunities to grow.

The Skills to Succeed in the Current State of Hotel Sales

Insights from Eric Kreins, Assistant Managing Director of Sales, Hilton Worldwide Sales, Chair of HSMAI Sales Advisory Board, on the discipline’s evolution and which skills are needed today to excel in the profession of hotel sales.

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