15 Tips for Finding Me-Time in This Busy World

Michael Estrin, Group Sales Manager, The Dupont Circle, HSMAI Rising Sales Leader Council Member

Being in hospitality sales can create a very busy environment where we don’t take time for ourselves. Providing time for ourselves can let us become better at our job. I recently discussed this with my fellow Rising Sales Leader Council Members.

Micro Steps for Self-Care 

1. Nature Walk: Grab those moments to stroll outdoors, breathe fresh air, and reset. 

2. Office Stroll: Periodically stand up, stretch a bit, and walk around your workspace. 

3. Empathy Break: While walking around, check-in on colleagues and teammates.  

4. Add a Soundtrack: Put on those AirPods and listen to uplifting songs. 

5. Lunch Break: Enjoy your meal—alone or with a colleague—and make yourself unavailable. This brief escape can give you the recharge you need for the rest of your day. 

6. Find the Sun: Especially if your workspace lacks natural light, get out and soak up the sun. 

7. Small Fitness Breaks: Introduce movement like quick walks, push-ups between emails, or step challenges to get away from the computer screen periodically. 

8. Digital Detox: After a busy day, try to turn off notifications. 


Enhancing Productivity in Sales 

9. Client Prioritization: Begin your day attending to your most likely to sign prospects. 

10. Task Management: Use an Excel file or a task manager to list out and prioritize your tasks for the day. 

11. Time Blocking: Protect your calendar. If people tend to overbook, try blocking 15-minute increments. 

12. The 80-20 Rule: Focus 80% of your time on tasks that yield the most significant results, and 20% on the rest. 


3 Tips to Improve Your Day-to-Day Routine 

13. Set Intentions: Start your day with purpose and clarity about what you wish to achieve. 

14. Morning Gym: Kick-start your morning with a workout session.  

15. Post-Work Exercise: Engage in post-work workouts, alone or with colleagues. It has the added benefit to help you switch off from work mode. 


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Questions for your team: 

  1. Can creating time for yourself lead to a greater sales performance for your organization? 
  2. What are your micro steps to creating time for yourself after a busy workday/week?
  3. How do you manage your sales funnel to create a more productive day?
  4. What is one thing that you took away from the Megan Millers Ted Talk and how will you incorporate it in your day-to-day life?

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