5 Perspectives on Increasing Sales Efficiency: Rising Leaders Discuss Creativity in Sales

Danielle Fournier, Sales Manager, The Inverness Denver, a Hilton Golf & Spa Resort, HSMAI Rising Sales Leader Council Member 

With our industry facing staffing struggles, sales teams have had to wear many hats. How do we increase our sales productivity while managing our time? Hotel sales processes have undoubtedly seen changes in attaining new business post pandemic. During a HSMAI Rising Sales Leaders recent discussion, members highlighted fresh perspectives on the dynamic sales environment. 

1. A Shift in Engagement 

With increased attendance at conferences and events, the engagement levels have significantly increased. Perhaps this surge can be attributed to the limited time prospects have in the market. It’s not just about being present at an event but making every second count. 

2. Traditional Methods with Upgrades 

Despite advancements and the shift towards digital, rising leaders still expressed a heavy reliance on phone conversations. Virtual meetings platforms have also become indispensable tools. These traditional methods combined with modern platforms bridge the gap, offering both convenience and the much-needed personal touch. 

3. Flexible Work 

Sales professionals today aren’t just selling a product or service. Their roles have expanded, encompassing a broader spectrum of responsibilities. In this ever-evolving marketplace, flexibility isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity. Quick responses and a genuine willingness to adapt are now core to successful sales strategies. 

4. The Personal Connection  

Beyond the cold calls and virtual demos, there lies the significant art of forging personal connections. To understand client needs, face-to-face interactions remain irreplaceable. It’s about genuine understanding and building trust. 

5. Networking & Dedication 

Amidst all these changes and strategies, two things remain constant: the undying importance of networking and dedicating exclusive time for new business. It’s about creating avenues, building bridges, and forging relationships that last. 

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