Checklist: What Can You Do to Strengthen Your Personal Brand?

Personal branding is a hot topic for the hospitality industry. HSMAI’s Sales Advisory Board discussed the issue during its monthly call last month, while HSMAI’s Rising Sales Leader Council recently came up with this quick and simple checklist “to help guide members of the hospitality industry with building and strengthening their personal brand to always stay relevant in our rapidly evolving industry.”

Personal Branding Checklist:

  1. Know your value or value proposition for what you bring to the table.
  2. Find an advocate or a mentor…also being an advocate for someone else could help you long term.
  3. Be a thought leader — share relevant stories and articles on LinkedIn to optimize your profile and make sure you are looked at as a trusted adviser.
  4. Keep up with your LinkedIn! Your LinkedIn profile should be a mini version of your resume and should highlight awards you’ve receive and goals that you have hit. Also remember that your headshot and headline are important.
  5. Network as much as you can, as often as you can:
    • Know what associations to look out for.
    • Know what other groups to look out for.
    • Follow up after meeting someone.
    • Pull attendee lists prior to an event and create a networking game plan.
  6. Learn broadly — it’s no longer just dates, rates, space, and relationships, but we now must also know safety and wellness protocols. Get into as many areas as possible, especially if your desired area is not available.
  7. When sharing posts on Linkedin, think of yourself as a blogger for the industry. Share relevant articles and mention why you think it is interesting.
  8. Improve your online footprint.
  9. Market yourselves for the year that you live in. Evolve with the changing landscape.
  10. Continue to take time to strengthen and improve your personal brand, especially as you evolve as a person throughout your career.

For another helpful source on personal branding, the Rising Sales Leader Council recommends watching this video.

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