HSMAI Perspective: Commercial Strategy in Focus

Robert A. Gilbert, CHME, CHBA, President and CEO, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI)   

As we prepare for the upcoming Commercial Strategy Conference (CSC), I’m excited to share insights from the newly released HSMAI Foundation report, “From Solos to Symphony. The Transformational Power of ‘Commercial’.” Authored by Breffni M. Noone and Chris Boyd, this report offers the first comprehensive research of how the formalization of the commercial function can revolutionize hotel performance. 

One of the standout findings from our study is how 54% of participants identified topline revenue optimization across all revenue-generating assets as the primary goal of an effective commercial strategy. This underscores the importance of a unified approach that brings together sales, marketing, and revenue management. It’s about moving from siloed efforts to collaboration that enhances overall performance. 

Insights from Industry Leaders 

Next month, at CSC, we are poised to dive deeper into these themes with an impressive lineup of speakers and sessions designed to provide actionable insights and strategic frameworks that reflect the convergence of marketing, revenue optimization, sales, and other commercial functions into new and evolving commercial strategy organizations. Lori Kiel, Gissell Moronta, and Stephanie Smith will lead discussions on crafting dynamic and agile commercial strategies that drive profitability. 

Another session not to be missed is “Customer Experience in the Age of AI,” where David C. Edelman, a recognized leader in digital transformation, will discuss how AI is reshaping customer interactions and strategies. His insights will be invaluable for commercial professionals looking to leverage AI for enhanced customer engagement and profitability. 

An Invitation 

It’s clear that the future of commercial strategy in hospitality is both challenging and full of potential. The need for a cohesive, integrated approach has never been more apparent. I encourage all members to read the full report and to join us in Charlotte to engage with industry leaders and peers. Together, we can transform our individual efforts into a movement that drives success and innovation across the hospitality sector. 

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