Creating New Opportunities

The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) and Knowland present The New Sales Team, a white paper that discusses how the evolving tactics of hotel sales teams are in turn changing the dynamic between hotel management companies and owner groups. The new sales team is focused on direct selling, fulfills multiple functions across a tiered organization, and does not rely on inbound leads.

While the white paper focuses on sales teams, the information within it is applicable to hoteliers across the commercial functions, as the dynamics continue to change and disciplines increasingly overlap.

Through interviews with industry leaders, the white paper examines how sales teams are moving from an overreliance on inbound leads to a renewed commitment to hunting and data-driven selling, and how this affects the type of data that sales teams, management companies, and ownership groups need and how they use that data.

Access the full white paper here.

“Indeed, the pandemic has actually created an opportunity for hoteliers to shift revenue strategy and reconfigure their sales teams in a way that may not have been a priority during the previous levels of economic boom and oversupply of RFPs. Making these changes permanent and setting now smaller sales teams up for overall success requires more than an everyone-do-more-with-less ethos. Sales teams need to be equipped with strategies and data tools to pivot from a reactive to a proactive approach as demand returns.”

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