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The KPIs You Need Right Now

Just in time to help you chart a course through recovery, HSMAI’s KPI Workgroup has developed a master list of key performance indicators for hospitality sales, marketing, and revenue optimization — from ADR to YOY Growth.

The New Priorities for Revenue Management Systems

The shifting realities of revenue management have created new priorities and new must-have features for any RMS. These are the priority features that revenue leaders from across the hospitality industry identified.

Revenue Optimization in a Time of Capacity Constraints

Capacity constraints due to physical spacing requirements and staffing shortages, combined with a new kind of traveler have created a new perfect storm – how to balance revenue optimization with reduced service levels and long-term reputation management.

The New RMS: A Buying Guide

HSMAI) and Revenue Analytics present The New RMS: A Buying Guide, a new white paper that explores modern hotel revenue management systems, including how they have evolved — and how they need to evolve — in the aftermath of the pandemic that has seriously disrupted the hospitality industry.

HSMAI Top 25 Profiles: Eliot Hamlisch, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

HSMAI recently honored the 2020 Top 25 Extraordinary Minds in Hospitality Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Optimization. We’re profiling all of them in an HSMAI Special Report, including Eliot Hamlisch, EVP of Loyalty and Revenue Optimization, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

The Challenges of RevPAR

Is there a better way to gauge performance? HSMAI’s KPI Workgroup is making the case for a more holistic revenue approach.

What Is Business Acumen and Why Is It So Important?

No matter your discipline, business acumen is essential to your career in the hospitality industry. Learning business acumen means getting acquainted with everything you should know about the business world — soft skills, finance, reporting, communications, investing, profitability.

HSMAI Top 25 Profiles: Charlestowne Hotels’ Jonathan Capps

HSMAI recently honored the 2020 Top 25 Extraordinary Minds in Hospitality Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Optimization. We’re profiling all of them in a forthcoming HSMAI Special Report that we’re previewing with excerpts, including Jonathan Capps, Vice President of Revenue, Charlestowne Hotels.

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