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The Power of Personalization in Revenue Optimization

Personalization is not just about personalized pricing; it’s a revenue driver and powerful conversion tool for all commercial strategy disciplines that is capable of increasing revenues by up to 40%. I brought this topic to HSMAI’s Revenue Optimization Advisory Board for discussion. In this article, I outline our group’s key ideas for effective personalization.

10 Reflections on Budget Season: Lessons Learned

As another budget season in the books, it’s a good time to pause and reflect on the lessons learned from this critical period. I talked with the HSMAI Rising Revenue Optimization Leader Council about the challenges faced and strategies employed during this time. Here are our key takeaways for future planning and continuous improvement.  

Everyone Loves a Kitchen: The Changing Face of Extended Stay

Extended stay hotels are experiencing a dynamic shift, reflecting changes in travel trends, sustainability demands, and technological advancements. The HSMAI Revenue Optimization Advisory Board recently delved into the challenges and opportunities this sector faces.  

Leadership Under Fire: Essential Lessons from Crisis Management

From wildfires and hurricanes to system hacks and geopolitical conflict, we face crises in the hospitality industry on a regular basis. Crises are not just challenges but opportunities for developing leadership and strengthening our organizations. The HSMAI Global Distribution Advisory Board tackled this topic recently and came up with key insights on how to prepare for crisis situations. 

Redefining Wanderlust: The Shift in Travel From a ‘Want’ to a ‘Need’

COVID significantly impacted travel demand shifting it closer to a “need” than a “want.” This change reflects a deeper societal shift where experiences and exploration have become integral to personal fulfillment and well-being. Is this shift a temporary reaction or a long-term trend? How will it shape the future of travel and tourism? Insights from the HSMAI Global Distribution Advisory Board.

HSMAI Perspectives: Demystifying AI: Insights from Curate 2023

In early November in Long Beach, CA, over 70 industry leaders gathered for Curate 2023 on Demystifying AI, a topic increasingly central to our industry’s future. One thing was clear from the event, you can’t hide from AI, it is here to stay.

5 Tips for Leading with a Revenue Strategy Mindset

As the year winds down, it is crucial to assess the current state of a revenue strategy mindset within your hotel organization. Revenue leaders are tasked with the mission of getting buy-in from all stakeholders and departments within the hotel by breaking down the data and explaining the why behind the strategy. 

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