Effective Communication in the Hotel Industry: Key Takeaways

Heather Harmeyer, Director of Sales and Marketing, Embassy Suites, HSMAI Rising Sales Leader Council Member 

From meeting planners to your team to guests, it is essential to change your communication strategies aligning with the changing landscape and technological advances. Drawing from a recent discussion with HSMAI Rising Sales Leaders, I have identified four actionable insights that can lead to improved communication throughout hotels, spanning across departments, and extending to clients. 

  1. Adapt to Change and Technological Advancements

During the pandemic there was often tension between meeting planners and hotel representatives, often fueled by cancellations and alterations to terms. Navigating these challenges demanded a shift in communication strategies. The emphasis has since moved towards being adaptable, acknowledging the changing landscape, and harnessing technological advancements to stay connected. 

  1. Ensure Sales Team Alignment

Ensuring that the sales team remains on the same page, especially when managing multiple properties, is essential for effective operations. Regular and consistent communication came out of our discussion as the core of achieving this alignment. One member recommended holding weekly meetings with general managers to establish common goals and maintain synergy across teams. 

  1. Embrace Heart-Centered Leadership

Heart-centered leadership, characterized by empathy and understanding, was highlighted as an effective leadership approach, especially when considering improving communication. By recognizing each unique contribution, irrespective of its size, leaders can unify efforts towards common objectives. 

  1. Maintain Consistency in Client Communications

From the moment a potential guest or client initiates contact, maintaining a consistent and high level of service becomes critical. Participants underscored the significance of attention to detail throughout the customer’s journey. Innovative suggestions, like real-time showcasing of meeting spaces and integrating potential speakers into proposals, were put forth to further elevate the customer experience. 

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Questions for your team:  

  1. What strategies have you found effective when communicating with third party planners? Clients? How has this changed in post-pandemic times? 
  2. How do you keep your sales team on the same page? Do you have best practices for communicating effectively with other departments? Do you cross train between departments? 
  3. Guests, clients, employees are seeking personalized experiences and communication. How have you tailored your experiences, proposals, etc. to ensure they are receiving personalization?
  4. What have you implemented to encourage communication with hotel guests? Does your team utilize AI tools? How do you keep these personal?

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