Facebook Tips For Recovery

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected businesses around the world. Employee health, work patterns, production and consumer habits have all been affected. With this continued shift of consumer behavior comes an opportunity to redefine media strategies and focus on driving new demand for hotels, regaining consumer trust and fortifying customer loyalty. Facebook offers these creative tips for recovery in it’s new Hotel Playbook:

Capture current intent/demand
Ensure high-quality hotel catalog images and relevant text to improve dynamic hotel ads performance. Add overlays to capture attention.

Highlight local/domestic destinations
These can replace some of the international trips people are missing out on. There is also potential to work with creators/
talent to feature great local places.

Highlight confidence messaging
Showcase new cleaning protocols, loyalty program changes to help people maintain status, flexible cancellation/refund policies,
customer service assurance.

Building brand, re-inspire wonder of travel
Rather than highlighting specific brands or properties, help people re-imagine travel not only physically, but virtually.

Building social good
Highlight the great work your hotel may be taking part in to help alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on communities.

Leverage immersive formats
Tell an empathetic, relevant story with formats like Instant Experience, Stories and Instream video. Highlight the current environment while driving consideration of your brand for future travel.

Download the full Facebook Hotel Playbook for more insights.

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