How CSOs Would Like to Spend Their Time — and Actually Do

Last year, we asked participants at HSMAI’s Chief Digital Officer Executive Roundtable to outline how they spend their time versus how’d they’d like to be spending their time — based on four “power skill sets” for leadership developed by Leadership Synergies LLC: 

Architect: Understands how to build the appropriate sales structure to support the business and make necessary adjustments over time.

Analyst: Understands what data are necessary, knows how to interpret the data correctly and how to use it to make strategic decisions for the business.

Defender: Is always in a position to defend the actions and results of the sales organization in a professional, competent, and unemotional way.

Coach: Is skilled in coaching all members of the team based on their unique needs, wants, and skill sets to achieve extraordinary results for the organization over the long term.

Our CDOs’ answers were interesting enough that we decided to ask take some of our other C-level communities through the same exercise, including HSMAI’s recent Chief Sales Officer Executive Roundtable. Here’s how CSOs both actually and would like to spend their time:

To sum it up: Hotel CSOs would like to spend a lot less time defending their sales organizations and more time building and coaching their teams. Sounds like a great resolution for 2019.

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