HSMAI Customer Insight: Building Trust, Gaining Confidence, Encouraging Awareness | MMGY

While news about potential vaccines is fueling a powerful sense of hope, we are still in the depths of extraordinarily difficult times. Fears over health and safety are pervasive, small businesses are shuttering, and uncertainty remains about what the next several months will look like. But what we can do is harness all those concerns by laying the groundwork based on our concrete knowledge. We saw a frenzy of travel bookings around Black Friday, spurred in part by flexible policies and steep discounts; DMOs are mobilizing their communities to bolster and revive local partners; and all across the globe, destinations and suppliers are optimizing their public health protocols and awareness campaigns. The sum of these actions is even greater than their parts, and together we will persevere and come out stronger than ever before.

Full Report: Travel Intentions Pulse Survey from MMGY Travel Intelligence 

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