HSMAI Customer Insights: Travelers Hopeful the End of Pandemic is Near | Longwoods

New customer sentiment data brings some more silver linings and growing optimism among travelers, Longwoods International President & CEO Amir Eylon reports to HSMAI. Eylon will be leading an exclusive webinar program  February 1 for HSMAI members: The Crystal Ball is Less Cloudy: Using Traveler Sentiment Research as a Guidepost Forward

Here is his personal look at their latest bi-weekly results:


  • Despite the Omicron surge, 25% of American Travelers still say the pandemic no longer impacts their travel decisions… Is this an indicator we are perhaps starting to see a shift in the American Traveler’s mindset from pandemic to endemic?
  • 36% of American Travelers expect a high level of service than pre-pandemic during their upcoming travel (45% expect it to be at least the same as before)s…  How does our industry meet or exceed these expectations given the current challenge of filling workforce needs?
  • American Travelers seem to be making a deliberate effort to support local businesses via their dining and shopping activities.
  • Timely health and safety information (25%) and timely information on business operations (20%) top the list of what American Travelers find most helpful to them in shopping local.
  • And we are still seeing record pent up demand for travel with 91% of travelers planning to go in the next six months.
  • Keeping an eye on inflation:  One out of four travelers indicate that their financial situation or the cost of transportation would greatly impact their decision to travel in the next six months.

Bottom Line:  American Travelers appear to be hopeful that the end of the pandemic is near!

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