HSMAI Rising Leaders Council Insight: Tips for Attracting Local Guests to Your Property

Ashley Seier, Director of Marketing, Blue Mountain Resort, HSMAI Rising Marketing Leader Council   

To get through COVID, many of us strategically embraced marketing to our local community. Properties that were previously national or international destinations became staycations for locals looking for a change of scenery while adhering to travel advisories. Many people got to enjoy and discover what was right in their backyard for the first time. Properties built a relationship with a new market that may not have been tapped into before. As we leave the COVID era and plan our future marketing efforts, are you still nurturing the relationship with your local community? Is your property a hidden gem or a local treasure? 

The HSMAI Rising Marketing Leader Council discussed what strategies they were using to attract local guests to their properties. Here are some of the tips shared: 

  • Provide local discounted packages and promotions to fill off seasons. 
  • Promote the idea of staycations. 
  • Resonate the tone of your marketing with the local community. 
  • Hold special events like beer fests, wine fests, or workshops and/or offer free parking for locals during community events. 
  • Partner with local charities, businesses, and specialty shops. 
  • Highlight your facilities with that home away from home comforts with added amenities like a spa, fitness center, or pool. 

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