HSMAI Top 25 Profile: Cesar Wurm, IHG

HSMAI recently honored the 2020 Top 25 Extraordinary Minds in Hospitality Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Optimization — recognizing leaders from hospitality, travel, and tourism organizations for their accomplishments in the preceding 18 months. We’re profiling all of them in an HSMAI Special Report that we’re previewing with excerpts, including Cesar Wurm, Vice President of Commercial and Revenue Management IHG.

Cesar Wurm provides strategic direction, oversight, and leadership across all commercial and revenue optimization aspects of company-managed hotels at IHG. He has an extensive background in sales and marketing across brand segments and business models. Wurm has led high-stakes commercial efforts for Starwood, IHG, Trust Hospitality, and most recently, Hotel Equities. He graduated from Washington State University and Cesar Ritz College in Brig, Switzerland, and currently serves on the Customer Experience Executive Program Advisory Council at the George Washington University School of Business. Outside of work, Cesar can be found spending as much time as possible with his wife, Laura, and daughter, Gabby.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: As the pandemic’s impact was becoming clearer, Wurm put together a strategy to address the needs of a portfolio of hotels in various rampup stages across geographies. This initiative was successful, and he has since taken on complete accountability for the commercial and revenue optimization performance of IHG’s company-managed hotels across the Americas.

NOMINATED BY: Brian Hicks, IHG — “Cesar has shown great leadership through the crisis; he has remained calm, positive, and focused. He kept the team motivated through the most challenging of times. He is a true professional and is held in high esteem by his colleagues and anyone that has the privilege to interact with him.”

CESAR WURM ON STAYING MOTIVATED IN 2020: “Having wonderful people in my life — both personally and professionally. It allowed me to be grateful, stay healthy, and stay focused. As a result, it unleashed my intrinsic motivation and the ability to collaborate and perform at my best.”

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