The Next Big Things in Hospitality Marketing

As part of their ongoing visioning activities, members of our advisory boards recently told us the big issues on their radar for 2019. Below are the top five responses from our Marketing Advisory Board, with a representative quote for each one. Read the issues that our Sales Advisory Board spotlighted here, and that our Revenue Management Advisory Board shared here.

1. Consumer behavior: “Finding ways to monetize the shift from traditional behavior to ‘micro moments’ is critical. How do we message consumers with information they need, when they need it? How do we make transactions on mobile devices faster, easier, and secure? How do we respond to an increasingly mobile world in a way that provides the best possible experience for consumers?”

2. Voice: “Is voice search really the next big thing — and if so, how can hotels take advantage of it?”

3. Personalization: “How far do we take personalizing the guest experience online and offline?”

4. Disrupters: “Increasing inventory of alternative accommodations — how/will this impact us?”

5. Privacy/customer data: “Ethical use of customer data — GDPR is a harbinger of more regulations.”

The Marketing Advisory Board will explore these and other issues in 2019. Look for some of their insights as part of HSMAI events, content, and other programs throughout the year.

— Juli Jones, CAE, Vice President, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI)

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