Thinking About Disruption and Innovation at HSMAI’s Curate

If you think distribution has seen enough disruption in the last 10 years, keep in mind that none of the big increasingly omnipresent technology companies has jumped fully into the ring. At last month’s Fall Curate 2018 event, we asked attendees — senior-level hospitality sales, marketing, and revenue-optimization professionals representing HSMAI Organizational Member companies — which of the Big 3 they thought would be next:


Then we gave Curate attendees a blank canvas, asking them who else might get into distribution. Note — This came late in our program, well into the afternoon, so a few of the answers you see might be less than completely serious:


Zooming down to the day-to-day level, we asked attendees which of four emerging technologies would most disrupt the industry:


And finally, innovation — the number-one priority issue identified by attendees at Spring Curate 2018. What did Fall Curate 2018’s attendees think is most important to fostering innovation? Again, ignore the jokesters in the crowd: