Too Many Hats, Too Little Time: Productivity Reimagined with AI Personas – An excerpt

Michael J. Goldrich, Founder & Chief Advisor, Vivander Advisors LLC, HSMAI Marketing Advisory Board Member, HSMAI Foundation Board Member 

I’d like to share an excerpt of my book Too Many Hats, Too Little Time: Productivity Reimagined with AI Personas. 

This chapter uncovers the innovative marketing strategies devised by an AI persona acting as the CMO. You’ll see how this AI-driven approach navigates challenges and opens up new opportunities for business growth. 

TransformInn’s AI-created CMO persona, Jennifer, is a virtual professional designed to blend creativity with analytical skills. Programmed with the expertise drawn from two decades of marketing know-how and insights from top-tier universities, Jennifer serves as a striking example of how AI can personify a company’s ethos. She’s built to adapt to a range of business settings, from hotel marketing to technology startups. This adaptability makes Jennifer an invaluable asset to TransformInn’s marketing endeavors. In this chapter, you’ll explore how Jennifer uses her programmed skills to create cutting-edge marketing strategies. 

TransformInn’s chief founder is keen to integrate Jennifer’s capabilities into the company’s marketing blueprint. Together, they engage in a detailed conversation to pinpoint the key elements of TransformInn’s marketing approach. Topics covered include everything from identifying the target customer base to laying out digital marketing techniques and ways to measure ROI. Their collaborative effort aims to produce a marketing plan capable of both elevating brand awareness and driving revenue growth. 

What unfolds isn’t just a hypothetical exchange. It’s an authentic simulation of a strategy session, one that captures the dialogue you’d expect in boardroom conversations. Our interaction is not merely planning; it’s a mission to shape TransformInn’s future. We have a front-row seat to this intricate process, providing a glimpse into how AI personas like Jennifer can contribute to complex decision-making. 

You’ll gain a well-rounded understanding of how an AI persona in a CMO role can be a game-changer. You’ll also learn about the symbiotic relationship between human leadership and AI in executing a successful marketing strategy. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, this chapter provides a step-by-step guide for anyone looking to integrate AI-driven strategies into their marketing efforts. 

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