Weekly top Spring Break destinations in the U.S.

By Katie Moro, Vice President, Data Partnerships, Hospitality, Americas

As vaccine availability increases across the country, hoteliers are optimistic for the return of travelers to their property.  As we’re passing the milestone of one year since the declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic, many individuals are likewise eager to fulfill their dreams of wanderlust and getting back to travelling.

Looking at on-the-books, forward-looking hotel occupancy data in our Demand360® business intelligence data, we’re seeing an increase in occupancy since late January, recovering from the modest decrease through the winter months to achieve same volumes we saw as our peak in the early Fall season.  Spring Break traveler activity during the weeks of March 14th and March 21st shows warmer weather destinations leading occupancy.

Markets in Florida, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and Utah are the leading US occupancy for the weeks in March typically reserved for Spring Breaker travelers.  Key West, FL. is the top performing market, regardless of week, already running over 90% occupancy.

For the week of March 14th, Moab, UT and Vail, CO are the only cooler weather destinations this week.  Most of the top 10 highest occupancy markets this week offer plenty of opportunity for outdoor exploration and social distancing.

Source: Amadeus’ Demand360® data as of March 8, 2021
For the week of March 21st, St. George, UT replaces Vail, CO and Killeen, TX joins the ranks in the top 10 markets, replacing Sarasota, FL.

Source: Amadeus’ Demand360® data as of March 8, 2021

We’re optimistic that the vaccine roll-out combined with the arrival of the warmer weather in the Spring season will help boost traveler activity. The data in our Demand360® business intelligence solution shows the weeks of February 21st and February 28th saw the highest booking volume since early 2020. We continue to monitor booking lead time and channel mix trends which are still showing 60% of bookings made withing 0-7 days of travel, with the highest volume coming in on the Brand.com, Direct, and OTA channels.

We’re continuing to monitor trends for upcoming events. Since booking lead times are still so short, we’ll provide an update on Easter holiday activity via our social channels. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for the latest insights and updates.

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