What’s On the Mind of Rising Sales Leaders?

HSMAI’s Rising Sales Leader Council Members are the future of sales leadership, with new ideas and creative solutions. They are adapting to an industry that is influenced by economic uncertainties, rapid technological developments, and changing customer needs. At their first meeting of 2024, they reviewed their scouting reports, covering the topics they believe will be most relevant this year.  

  1. The Balancing Act of Inflation and Service Excellence

Rising leaders are focusing on how to maintain client relationships amidst rising costs. They are focusing on adding value through unmatched service levels. It’s all about showing appreciation and ensuring clients feel the worth of every penny spent. 

  1. Embracing Technology and AI with Mostly Open Arms 

From social media marketing to the latest event tech and AI tools like ChatGPT, technology is a game-changer. The group discussed how they use tech as an aid, but don’t forget the human touch that makes the hospitality industry so special. 

  1. Staffing Challenges and the Search for Talent Post-Pandemic

The pandemic left a void in experienced staff, but it also opened opportunities for reinvestment in training. Rising leaders are striving for a balance between attracting top talent and ensuring a healthy work-life balance for their teams.  

  1. Geographic Trends and Competitive Strategies

The impact of geographic location on business is significant, with trends varying from city to city. The council members thought that adapting strategies to local markets while keeping an eye on the competition is key to staying ahead. 

  1. Changing Customer Buying Habits

Rising leaders are brainstorming creative ways to engage clients and ensure prompt responses.  

  1. Preparing for Economic and Political Shifts

With elections, ongoing conflicts, and the resulting shaky economic outlook, 2024 has a lot of uncertainty. RSLC members are actively preparing for economic ebbs and flows, staying agile and informed. 

The 2024 Rising Sales Leader Council members include:  

  • Kathryn Alioto, Sales Manager | Raymond Management 
  • Susana Chan, Reservations Manager | IHG – Regent Santa Monica Beach 
  • Megan Chase, Sales & Event Manager | The Otesaga Resort Hotel 
  • Kayla Church, Sales Team Lead | Sojern 
  • Cecilia Quinones, National Sales Manager | Bellagio Resort and Casino 
  • Katlynne Eastin, Solutions Consultant Sr Manager, Global Strategic Accounts | SiteMinder 
  • Haley Farmer, Sales Manager | Parks Hospitality 
  • Danielle Fournier, Sales Manager | Hilton Denver Inverness 
  • Tayla Hull, Convention Sales Manager | ARIA Resort & Casino 
  • Max Ingerman, Convention Sales Manager | MGM Resorts International 
  • Jenna Keegan, Regional Director of Sales | Aimbridge Hospitality 
  • Victoria Maino-McDermott, Area Director of Sales | Aimbridge Hospitality 
  • Jake Moreland, Global Sales Manager | Hyatt Hotels Corporation 
  • Mandy Murray, Area Director of Sales | Aimbridge Hospitality 
  • Megan O’Neill, Convention Sales Manager | MGM Grand | MGM Resorts International 
  • Angelique Sanchez, Senior Sales Manager | New York LaGuardia Marriott 
  • Kate Swantak, Kessler Sales Manager | Kessler Collection 
  • Kristina Taylor, Regional Sales Manager | Lighthouse, formally OTA Insight 
  • Tre Wilke IV, Sales Coordinator & Business Development | Evans Hotels 

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