Groundbreaking HSMAI Foundation State of Talent Report Released

The State of Hotel Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Optimization Talent: 2020-2021 Special Report has just been released by the HSMAI Foundation. The report dives into 10 talent-related trends the Foundation has identified as key considerations for attracting new talent, developing emerging talent, and engaging existing talent.

“As we venture into a post-pandemic world, the need for talent has never been greater. Staffing challenges in sales, marketing, and revenue optimization are being felt across all hotel companies at the unit and corporate levels,” said Michelle Woodley, Chair, HSMAI Foundation and  President, Preferred Hotels & Resorts. “The insights featured in this report offer food for thought for every leader in our profession as we continue to navigate how we cultivate the talent pipeline.”

The following outlines the talent-related trends the HSMAI Foundation has identified and discusses in its new report.

  1. Corporate culture and values matter.
  2. Expectations of leadership are changing.
  3. Mental health, safety, and well-being move to the forefront.
  4. Doing more with less is a treadmill.
  5. Silos continue to disappear.
  6. The above-property office community changes.
  7. KPIs and incentive plans are being reevaluated.
  8. Talent pipelines went dry, and new channels have to be tapped.
  9. Development, reskilling, and upskilling are necessities as technological acceleration continues.
  10. Organizations can lower turnover and increase retention.

To move forward while we continue to navigate this pandemic, we must look at the entire workforce ecosystem and reassess what it takes to find people who will take our businesses to the next level, as well as how we foster an environment of belonging, well-being, and understanding, writes report author Karen Wollard, Ed. D., CHDM.

The report is presented with the support of the members of the HSMAI Foundation Corporate Talent Partner Program. You can find the “The State of Hotel Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Optimization Talent: 2020-2021” report here.

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The HSMAI Foundation is a 501 c3 organization established in 1983 to serve as the research and educational arm of the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International. The Foundation’s mission is to elevate the overall caliber and performance of sales, marketing, and revenue management professionals in the global hospitality industry by driving initiatives that will attract new talent, develop emerging talent, and engage existing talent. The work of the Foundation is supported by private donations and corporate talent partners. Visit for more information.