108 Terms Every Hotel Sales Professional Needs to Know

Can you define the term “displacement analysis” off the top of your head? What about “EBITA” or “FFO”?

As silos in hotel organizations continue to erode, and as sales professionals engage at a higher level with owners, asset managers, GMs, revenue management teams, and marketers, they are increasingly expected to demonstrate their knowledge of the sales discipline as well as operations and other functions. If you want to further your career in hotel sales, you need to brush up on your business acumen. One easy way to do that is to sharpen your understanding of the acronyms, jargon, and terminology used in and around the business of hotels. It will help you strengthen your skills, build your reputation as a knowledgeable team member, and form the foundation for your future success.

Check out the list of terms that HSMAI’s Sales Advisory Board identified as being crucial for every hotel sales professional to know.

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