16 Tips for Preventing Burnout: Keep You and Your Team Happy 😊

Kathryn Alioto, Sales Manager, Springhill Suites Madison, HSMAI Rising Sales Leader Council
Michael Estrin, CWP, MBA, Senior Catering Sales Manager, Hyatt Regency Dulles, HSMAI Rising Sales Leader Council 

As hospitality professionals, we often find ourselves working long hours and juggling multiple responsibilities, which can quickly lead to burnout. Burnout is most common among high achievers and is often related to being short-staffed and high turnover, both prevalent in the current climate. Over the last year, burnout has been a recurring topic for the Rising Sales Leader Council as we’ve brainstormed ways to prevent burnout in ourselves and our teams.  

10 Ideas to Prevent Burnout and Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance: 

  1. Empower yourself to set boundaries and learn to say “no” when necessary. 
  2. Practice patience and empathy with your team members. 
  3. Implement “Focus Fridays” or half-days to allow for uninterrupted work time. 
  4. Turn off notifications on your phone after work hours, on weekends, and during vacation. 
  5. Fully unplug during vacations by setting an out-of-office message and vacation alert. 
  6. Get comfortable delegating and asking for help. 
  7. Block out time on your calendar for projects and lunch. 
  8. Set a limit on the number of meetings per day to have ample time for follow-up actions. 
  9. Conduct self-evaluations, reorganize priorities, and make time for yourself. 
  10. Volunteer to give back to recharge and gain new perspectives. Even better if your organization gives you PTO for volunteer days.  

Additionally, we discussed how supervisors can play a crucial role in preventing burnout.  

6 Tips for Supervisors to Prevent Burnout: 

  1. Be aware of your team’s workload. 
  2. Ask for feedback.  
  3. Trust your team to work from home without attaching stigma. 
  4. Open space for dialogue through regular meetings.  
  5. Create a culture that celebrates healthy work-life balance. 
  6. Individualize flexible work plan that meets employee’s needs. 

Advocating for yourself, setting boundaries, and having tough conversations are key steps in preventing burnout and promoting a healthy work-life balance. 

Action: What is one thing you can implement to prevent burnout in yourself or your team?  

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