Branding Today: A Sum of Parts

With the ever-changing landscape of hotels and the changes in distribution with evolving mergers, branding has become a concept that is increasingly important in marketing. Hotels that don’t recognize the importance of their own branding could be lost in a wide collection of hotels. Customers want to connect with a brand for a variety of reasons. With hotels, guests want to feel like they are in a home away from home…a home that welcomes them with services that consistently make them feel like a welcomed part of a family.

Tiffany Braun, Regional Director of Sales & Marketing for Two Roads Hospitality, and member of HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board talked with Jeff Tomczek, Director of Branding for Two Roads Hospitality about the aspects of branding that have become increasingly important for hoteliers in today’s environment. 

 Tiffany Braun: What are the most important aspects of branding as it relates to hotel companies today?