HSMAI Rising Leader Council Insights: Exploring Hotel Loyalty Programs by Generation

Katie Horner, Digital Marketing Manager, Red Roof Inn, HSMAI Rising Marketing Leader Council 

The HSMAI Rising Marketing Leader Council recently met to discuss how loyalty programs evolve to meet the needs of today’s consumers. 

It is no secret that different generations have different priorities when it comes to their loyalty programs. For example, Boomers tend to value perks like free breakfast and room upgrades, while younger travelers are often looking for something more adventurous, such as exclusive access to events or experiences. However, there are some things that we discussed that cut across the generations.  

All Generations Appreciate:  

  1. Convenience and ease of use. 
  2. Long lasting perks.   
  3. Quick sign-up process.  

For brands and hotels without loyalty programs we also discussed how recognition and personalization are so important to all guests. For example, when checking into a property, does the front desk staff know your status, if you’ve been there before?  

Top Trends in Loyalty Programs:   

  1. Convenient to use.  
  2. Gamified content.  
  3. App based programs.  
  4. Reaching generations where they are at, whether that’s a phone line or on TikTok. 
  5. Tiers of loyalty to keep people engaged.  


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