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Marriott’s Social Media Launch for Bonvoy

Take inspiration from last year’s Adrian Awards Platinum winner, Marriott, whose “Social Media Launch Campaign for Marriott Bonvoy” was recognized in the Digital Marketing/Digital Campaign/Social Media Campaign category.

Why Digital Marketing Is Essential

In a recent interview, Dan Wacksman, CHDM, principal at Sassato LLC and chair of HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board, explained why digital marketing is an essential hospitality skill — especially during a pandemic that has disrupted the industry.

What’s Changing for Brand Digital Marketers

HSMAI hosted a Virtual Executive Roundtable for brand Chief Digital Officers on June 23, giving participants a chance to catch up and share new insights since the last brand CDO roundtable in April.

Generation Alpha and Family Travel Trends

At the 2020 Marketing Strategy Conference, Derek Price, director of business development in North America for Expedia Group Media Solutions, focused on how families travel in a Lightning Round presentation called “Generation Alpha and Family Travel Trends.”

Developing a Courageous Brand

Keynote presentation by Ryan Berman, Southern California creative, agency founder, and author, at HSMAI’s Marketing Strategy Conference 2020.

Better in 6m 40s

Lightning Round Session presentation by Kristi Goshow, CMO, Preferred Hotels & Resorts, and an “HSMAI Top 25 Extraordinary Mind” for 2019, at HSMAI’s Marketing Strategy Conference 2020.

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