Incorporating Loyalty Programs Into a Digital Marketing Strategy

Thanks to mobile technology, the digital marketer now has additional opportunities to leverage loyalty and build a relationship with the guest throughout the lifecycle: research (website, travel agent), booking (website, call center, travel agent, OTA), pre-arrival (e-concierge, mobile app, mobile check-in, mobile room key), on property (PMS, mobile concierge app), checkout (PMS, online, mobile app), and post-stay (loyalty program app). 

Here are best practices for incorporating loyalty programs into your digital marketing strategy — excerpted from Hospitality Digital Marketing Essentials: A Field Guide for Navigating Today’s Digital Landscape, HSMAI’s new study guide for the CHDM certification:

Call to action. Always include a “join now” prompt in any digital communication; this serves for lead generation and also provides a secondary way for consumers who may not be read to purchase to interact with the business.

Customize, customize, customize. Through loyalty programs, marketers learn a lot about individuals. Use that information to customize the experience for that guest. Loyalty member data can also be used to customize content for non-members by establishing a “looks like” approach.

Connect the dots. A unique identifier, such as a member number, can connect the dots across various programs and platforms — not only for the marketer but for the consumer as well. Providing a common experience in new media, such as logging into a loyalty program, extends the connection the consumer already has with the brand and makes the new engagement more comfortable for the consumer.

Incorporate experience. Personalize content and promote soft benefits (non-point-related rewards like upgrades). Leveraging all you know about a guest can be a great way to deliver personalized content during all phases of the guest experience. Leverage all the touchpoints in the guest experience to message the guest with relevant content and messaging.

Hospitality Digital Marketing Essentials: A Field Guide for Navigating Today’s Digital Landscape is HSMAI’s official study guide for the Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer (CHDM) certification. Learn more — and purchase a copy — here.

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