Navigating Taxation & AI Governance in Hospitality Distribution

Sydney Goodwin, Director of Automated Distribution, Omni Hotels, HSMAI Global Distribution Advisory Board Member 

In an ever-evolving economic and technological landscape global distribution teams must keep pace with taxation changes and AI governance locally and on a global scale. The HSMAI Global Distribution Advisory Board recently met to discuss these pressing topics and share best practices.  

Taking a Centralized or Decentralized Approach to Taxation 

The dynamic nature of taxation has seen organizations struggling with adaptations and compliance. A centralized model, pooling efforts, and knowledge, equips organizations with a r mechanism to monitor and apply changes effectively, fostering best practices that navigate the nuances of taxes and remittance.  

Conversely, some organizations practice a decentralized approach, empowering local and regional teams to bring their unique insights to the table, addressing the diverse tax regulations between states and third-party engagements. 

Best Practice: Evaluate whether a centralized or decentralized approach to managing taxation changes is more suitable for your organization. 

Educating and Coordinating Teams 

Irrespective of the approach, the underlying thread is the imperative need for education and coordination among teams. A comprehensive understanding of the complexities of taxation is pivotal, avoiding potential pitfalls. 

Best Practice: Implement comprehensive educational programs and enhance coordination among teams. 

AI Integration and Governance 

With the rise of AI, organizations are discussing its potential benefits and the needed caution in its adoption. The incorporation of AI into operations, such as in call centers, is already underway, recognizing the importance of establishing governance policies.  

AI remains a focal point of exploration and discourse, with implications spanning across distribution, revenue management, marketing, and HR. These conversations underline the necessity for careful consideration and ongoing dialogue, ensuring the technology is harnessed optimally and responsibly. 

Best Practice: Before integrating systemwide AI solutions, establish clear governance policies to manage potential risks and limitations. Foster ongoing discussions to reassess the advances in technology and the implications.  



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