Recruiting and Deploying Niche Market Sellers

HSMAI’s Sales Advisory Board is developing resources to help hospitality organizations that are gearing up to bring back staff and hire for new positions, including niche market sellers.

No matter the market, the hotel sales process is pretty basic:

  1. Researching key and target accounts.
  2. Prospecting strategically versus “dialing for dollars.”
  3. Probing to find the “hot buttons.”
  4. Presenting the experience versus the features.
  5. Overcoming objections.
  6. Closing more effectively every time.

There is no one secret for how to succeed in hotel sales. No matter your market, you need a combination of specific skills and knowledge to ultimately win the business. Each market segment is unique and nuanced — and the strengths, skills, knowledge, and experience required to be a successful seller in each segment are unique.

The following outline will help sales leaders effectively recruit and deploy niche market sellers:

Deploying Niche Market Sellers PDF

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