Sparking WanderLOVE: The 2023 HSMAI Adrian Awards

By Robert A. Gilbert, CHME, CHBA, President and CEO, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI)   

The Adrian Awards have been a symbol of excellence in hospitality advertising, digital marketing, and public relations for over six decades. The stage is set for the 2023 HSMAI Adrian Awards back in New York City. This year’s theme, WanderLOVE, is the clarion call to those who hold travel in their hearts year-round, an anthem celebrating captivating campaigns, ads, and experiences that have kindled an unwavering devotion to exploration across the globe. 

Embracing the WanderLOVE Spirit 

“WanderLOVE” is an invitation to relive the moments that made travel a part of our hearts. This year, the spotlight shines on extraordinary projects that have rekindled the flames of wanderlust, breathing life into dreams and memories. As the submission deadline of September 8 approaches, we urge you to share your stories of inspiration and transformation, campaigns that have propelled hearts and minds to embrace new horizons, and initiatives that have drawn the world closer through shared journeys. 

The Future is Now: Artificial Intelligence and ESG 

With innovation as our compass, we are thrilled to introduce two trending categories that represent the future of the hospitality landscape – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). 

In an era of boundless possibilities, AI continues to revolutionize how we connect and engage. Submissions can include campaigns or tactics leveraging artificial intelligence to influence the customer journey; consisting of, but not limited to, chatbots/virtual assistants, content creation, website builds, sentiment analysis, data analysis, pricing tools, and forecasting tools.  

ESG, on the other hand, reflects the essence of responsible travel, shaping a more sustainable and equitable future for all. Entries should effectively showcase their commitment to social issues, diversity, and sustainability, as well as their authenticity in demonstrating their values to their employees, prospective employees, and potential guests. 

The Adrian Awards, from their inception nearly seven decades ago, have reflected our industry’s evolution to the digital age we now inhabit. In the journey of WanderLOVE, the 2023 HSMAI Adrian Awards await your contributions, your inspirations, and your stories of boundless exploration.  

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