What Is the State of the Industry?

Recently Hannah Smith, Senior Consultant at STR, spoke with HSMAI staff to offer a preview of her keynote at HSMAI’s Sales Leader Forum October 20.  

Who is your audience for this talk?  

My keynote is for whoever is looking to understand not just where the industry is but understand the demand sources and property types – where they are coming back and what are some of the hurdles. I’ll offer greater insight in the granular level on where we need to go, so you can make informed decisions. Below is a slide that previews some of the data that I’ll share.  

There is discussion about leisure and group and business demand and how those categories are coming back. An interesting focus is how the fall convention and group travel are coming back.  

What do you want the audience to know about you?  

I am data driven. The industry recovery coming out of COVID-19 is much more positive than we may have thought. I’m excited to be optimistic after the last few years. We know it is a resilient industry, but the recovery is beyond what we could have expected.  

How does STR gain insights?  

STR is the leading benchmarking provider for the industry. We have an incredible data set for the US. The impact of COVID-19 was terrible, but a silver lining from the data perspective is that it has given us a lot of insights and forced us to look at the data differently. We started to see data in a more creative way.  

HSMAI’s Sales Leader Forum is being held in Frisco, TX on Oct. 20, 2022.Learn more. 

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