Don’t Let Fear Control You — Takeaways From ROC Keynoter Judi Holler

By Kaitlin Dunn, Writer, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI)

Speaker and improviser Judi Holler encourages people to get outside of their comfort zone in order to be more successful in their careers. She offered a variety of tips for doing that during a keynote presentation at HSMAI’s ROC 2019 event — as you’ll see in these videos as well as our roundup below:

  1. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. None of us have a script, so we just have to keep moving forward. We miss opportunities when we stay in our comfort zone, which leads to regrets both personally and professionally. “If you ever want anything to happen, if you ever want to change your life,” Holler said, “you’ve got to get scared, and you’ve got to get uncomfortable.”
  2. Be the boss of your own fear. Fear is what is responsible for robbing you of opportunities. Focus on managing your fear instead of being fearless. “We’re focused on being fearless, but what we should do is chase the goal of fearing fear less,” Holler said. “That is what makes you brave.”
  3. We can’t let mistakes stop us. It’s scary to put yourself out there, but to accomplish anything, you have to. “Scary things don’t get less scary, but you will get stronger,” Holler said. “If you want to become memorable, you’ve got to have the guts to be memorable. It’s not someone’s job to remember you, it’s your job to make sure they don’t have a chance to forget you.”
  4. Get uncomfortable every day, on purpose. Start small, by conducting daily fear experiments. Do something that gets you out of your comfort zone, like asking questions or speaking up, and build up to doing bigger things. “When you can manage your fear, you will become more innovative, outgoing, joyful, and healthier,” Holler said. “You’ll take more risks, make things happen, and realize that your voice matters.”

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