Effectively Market Hotels on Facebook: Dynamic Ads

HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board Tactical Workgroup has produced a series of resources focused on leveraging Facebook — which 70 percent of travelers use every week — to help drive revenue recovery. The first resource focuses on how to use dynamic ads.


You want to leverage Facebook to find new audiences that are similar to your existing customers and are most likely to convert and stay with you.


You can dynamically inspire and drive intent from prospective travelers. Discover untapped prospects by reaching people who have travel intent to a particular destination, leveraging information on people’s online browsing activity, behavior, interests, and travel history.


Leverage your hotel’s feed while using Facebook Hotel Ads to prospect. When setting up your ad:

  • Use broad audiences with dynamic content from your feed to reach people who are in the market to travel with a destination in mind but who haven’t visited your website yet.
  • Exclude recent bookers.
  • Either target the entire feed or build hotel sets to target a subset of hotels (i.e., need markets).

To set up this type of ad, you’ll need to some tools:


You can work with your Facebook Marketing Partners to set up your audiences. Or, if you are a developer, you can use Facebook’s API documentation or setup:

1.  Create a travel ad in Ads Manager.

2. When you select your Audience on the ad set level, choose “Define a broad audience and let Facebook optimize who sees your products.”

3. Choose your targeting options, such as location, age, and gender. Note that location targeting refers to where people are currently located, not the location to which people want to travel. Learn more.


The cost of this type of campaign is highly variable. You can scale up or down depending on your budget and/or revenue goals.

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