The Biggest Threat to Digital Marketing and Distribution This Year

The Lightning Round is a signature program at HSMAI’s ROC event — giving six revenue optimization leaders just six minutes and 40 seconds each to share a best practice, strategic insight, or big idea. At ROC 2019, Tim Peter, president of Tim Peter & Associates, used his Lightning Round session to warn attendees about “The Biggest Threat to Digital Marketing and Distribution This Year” — which is that low-cost revenue is going away, changing the way guests find hotels, making it harder to drive organic traffic, and making it more important than ever to focus on strong content.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Having content that will answer guests’ questions and draw them in is a necessity. Beyond that, Peters said, guests need a great customer experience that will encourage them to share that experience with others, particularly on social media. The thread connecting these things is data, which hotels can use to tell a targeted story to guests. While metrics such as dwell time and post engagement are new to the industry, if hospitality professionals stick to making their content, customer experience, and data points strong, they will be able to bring in new guests. “Content will always be king,” Peters said. “Customer experience is queen, … and data is the crown jewels.”


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