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Leading Sales Into a Post-Pandemic World

Sales icon Cindy Novotny offers a preview of her keynote at HSMAI’s Sales Leader Forum next month — including why this is ‘a great opportunity to go forward.’

To Cluster or Not to Cluster?

With limited staff and resources, many organizations switched to cluster selling during the pandemic and are now deciding whether to keep this model or not. There are pros and cons to that approach.

Being a Sales Hunter, Part 3: The 8 Strengths of Successful Hotel Sales Hunters

HSMAI’s Sales Advisory Board has created a three-part series to help sales hunters improve their skills and increase their value to organizations, beginning with a checklist of best practices, followed by advice on developing prospecting skills, and now including this list of strengths to look for when hiring a sales hunter.

Being a Sales Hunter, Part 1: The Essential Checklist

HSMAI’s Sales Advisory Board (SAB) is developing resources to help hospitality organizations that are gearing up to bring back staff and hire for new positions, including sales hunters. The SAB created a three-part series to help sales hunters improve their skills and increase their value to organizations — beginning with this checklist.

Cindy Novotny: Believe

Sales leader Cindy Novotny of Master Connections says in this message for HSMAI that now is the time of the year to believe, to give back to your customers, and to prepare for success in 2021.

Planning for Hospitality Sales Recovery

Reopening to your local markets and then to the broader market will put an emphasis on new skills and lines of communication. The following strategies will help you capture as much from the reopening process as possible.

Staying Proactive as a Sales Professional

As part of its Confronting Coronavirus: What’s Next? webinar series, HSMAI hosted a sales-focused program on April 7. Ed Skapinok, immediate past chair of HSMAI’s Sales Advisory Board, and Amy Infante, CEO of GitGo, presented research and opinions on what hospitality sales professionals can focus on to drive the quickest recovery possible

4 Imperatives for Hospitality Sales Leaders

At HSMAI’s Sales Leader Forum on Nov. 5–6, Cindy Novotny, managing partner at Master Connection Associates and recipient of HSMAI’s Award for Lifetime Achievement in Sales, presented a keynote address on “Sales Imperatives for Today’s World.” Here are four key takeaways.

What’s Keeping CSOs Up at Night Heading in to 2020?

At HSMAI’s Chief Sales Officer Executive Roundtable, held in conjunction with HSMAI’s Sales Leader Forum in Frisco, Texas, on Nov. 5–6, CSOs from hospitality brands, management companies, and owner groups engaged in a high-level conversation that included identifying some of the trends that have most surprised them this year. Here are four things they said are keeping them up at night.

Would Customers Pay for Your Sales Calls?

HSMAI recently sat down with renowned consultant, speaker, and author Scott Edinger to discuss his upcoming presentation a the HSMAI Sales Leader Forum and get his thoughts on the sales profession.

Big Picture Strategy

This approach gives sales teams and revenue managers the power to future-proof their jobs. This is done by enabling them to move beyond reactive strategies — inbound streams of RFPs…

The One Must-know Fact to Network Profitably

All things being equal, the sale always goes to the salesperson who has developed a relationship with the buyer. All things being unequal, this is also usually true. But developing profitable business relationships isn’t always easy.

The New Era of Selling

Excerpted from presentation by Bob Anderson, President, Star Performance, Inc., at HSMAI Las Vegas chapter educational program May, 2017.

HSMAI’s Sales2Win

Sales2Win is a series of self-paced online training programs for sales professionals looking to evolve into better business people who take a more strategic and consultative approach toward customer interactions. Sales2Win currently includes distinct, in-depth sales education programs covering Account Management and Select Service Selling for General Managers. Additional programs in development include Sports Sales, Inside Sales, Regional Sales, Catering Sales, Strategic Account Management, and Destination Sales.

Building the Sales Pipeline in 2017

Bob Anderson, president of Star Performance, discussed how to jump-start sales, increase top-line revenue and profits and convert that knowledge into immediate action that creates measurable results, at the HSMAI Washington DC Chapter February, 2017 event.

Is Your 2017 Business Plan Already Out of Date?

What has changed since you wrote your business plan for 2017…and what do you do about it now? Consider the following ways that members of HSMAI’s Sales Advisory Board are working to update their own sales strategies for the new year

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