What’s Keeping CSOs Up at Night Heading in to 2020?

At HSMAI’s Chief Sales Officer Executive Roundtable, held in conjunction with HSMAI’s Sales Leader Forum in Frisco, Texas, on Nov. 5–6, CSOs from hospitality brands, management companies, and owner groups engaged in a high-level conversation that included identifying some of the trends that have most surprised them this year. Here are four things they said are keeping them up at night:

1.Skills: While fundamental sales skills are still very important, CSOs are working to figure out where exactly newer skills fit in. In particular, data analytics and intelligence have applications across the hospitality industry, but their use and importance in sales specifically is still being determined.

2.Attribution: It’s difficult to blend channels and attribute business. CSOs need to know how to change and evolve to best do this, but some aren’t sure how.

3. People: Talent is hard to find, there are many salespeople who can’t even tell their own story (and who don’t understand the costs of distribution), and CSOs need to find new tools for their sales team — and better train them on using them.

4. Technology: Disruptive technology is going to completely change how every part of the industry works. While new products and advancements are being offered constantly, CSOs need to determine which ones generate the best ROI and focus their energy and money there.

The session was sponsored by Clairyoyix, Knowland, and ZS. Hotel companies represented at the Roundtable included Accor, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Drury Hotels , KSL Resorts, Marriott International, Omni Hotels & Resorts, OYO Hotels, North America, Radisson Hotel Group, and Red Roof Inn. HSMAI brings together Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Digital Marketing Officers, Chief Sales Officers, Chief Revenue Officers, and Hotel Management Company Sales & Marketing Executives through the year.

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