From the 2018 Adrian Awards — the Latest Trends in Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Public Relations

The 2018 Adrian Awards are in full swing! With judging for HSMAI’s premier competition honoring the best in hospitality advertising, digital marketing, and public relations recently completed, we asked our panel of judges to share some of the trends they observed with this year’s submissions: 


  • Multidimensional execution: Brands are not afraid to show different facets and sides, including humor, emotion, fun, serious — all adding to a more holistic view of the brand.
  • Celebrity: Use of celebrities to help brands tell their stories and help connect with customers.
  • Story: Curating personal stories that are emotional and/or funny to truly drive stickiness and brand attribution.
  • Experience: More focused on experiences.


  • Mobile: Brands are embracing mobile — seeking to reach people in meaningful ways where they spend the majority of their time.
  • Integration: Brands are thinking in integrated ways — connecting web, mobile, and in-person experiences in a cohesive way.
  • Data/personalization: Using data to personalize content and experiences for guests.
  • Mastery: Doing simple things really well versus reinventing the wheel.


  • Newsjacking: Newsjacking — the process of injecting your brand into the day’s news— can lead to standout results.
  • Augmented reality: Use of augmented reality was interesting.
  • CSR: Being more than your brand and doing something for others/the environment is really important to winning share of wallet.

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