Resilience Starts With Your Own Wellbeing

As business comes back, an already stressed and strained hospitality workforce faces even more pressure. Take a pause with performance expert Dr. Jannell MacAulay’s exclusive three-part series on personal, professional, and organizational resilience.

Throughout the pandemic, the long-term effects of furloughs and layoffs on both employees who were let go and employees who remained on staff have been a constant source of concern. That concern has become even more acute as the hospitality industry moves into recovery.

Questions of burnout, overwork, resentment, and low morale have been a regular topic of discussion during HSMAI’s latest series of Executive Roundtable programs, including one for sales and marketing leaders during which a participant noted: “I think what can sometimes get lost in the fact that our financial performance was very good is that it was actually really hard to achieve that. My entire commercial team has been working harder than they ever have in their lives over the last 18 months…. People are exhausted.”

Dr. Jannell MacAulay can help. A leadership and performance expert and retired U.S. Air Force officer, MacAulay presented a three-part series called CURATE PRESENTS: Resilience Now exclusively for HSMAI Organizational Members last fall. Her insights into resilience at the personal, professional, and organizational levels are more resonant than ever, so we’re making these sessions available to everyone. Click on the links below to watch each one:

Session 1 │ Mindful Foundations: How Mindfulness and Reflection Build Mental Toughness — Building mindful awareness is the foundational tool for mental strength. In our first session, you will learn how to train your mind to cultivate calm and focus. You will also discover the simple steps that will enable you to live in alignment with your purpose despite the relentless pressure that you face every day.

Session 2 │ Bouncing Forward: Level Up From Resilience to Reinvention — You need to bounce forward, not bounce back. In session two, you will learn how to slow down your mind and see the advantages in any situation. By learning how to bounce forward and stay in your peak state, you will navigate away from stress and uncertainty, and into creativity and innovation.

Session 3 │ Leading Through Uncertainty: Unlock Peak Performance for Your Team — Mindful leaders build winning teams. During our third session, you will learn strategies for integrating mental skills and effective recovery practices into your team that will prevent burnout and improve performance. These skills will increase revenue and build a sustainable pathway to professional success and personal fulfillment.

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