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HSMAI creates and curates content from the thought leaders in hospitality sales, marketing, and revenue optimization around the world. Including articles, conference presentations, white papers, case studies, research, best practices, and more, Insights features content from HSMAI events and industry experts, updated each week for HSMAI members and the hospitality industry. Insights also provides access to content from around the industry via Pineapple Search, the search engine for the hospitality industry.


2023 Sales Leader Forum Insight: Elevating Sales

Gissell Moronta, CMP, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Atrium, provides insights during an HSMAI Sales Leader Forum Lightning Round session, in which industry experts share best practices, in 6 minutes & 40 second presentations, with practical takeaways that  impact the strategic and leadership aspects of the sales discipline.


5 Place Based Marketing Strategies for Hotels

The success of a hotel often depends on its location. Whether it’s nestled in a national park or centered in a bustling city, location plays a pivotal role in attracting guests. Insights on making the most of location from the HSMAI Rising Marketing Leader Council.

Revenue Optimization

Redefining Wanderlust: The Shift from Travel From a ‘Want’ to a ‘Need’

COVID significantly impacted travel demand shifting it closer to a “need” than a “want.” This change reflects a deeper societal shift where experiences and exploration have become integral to personal fulfillment and well-being. Is this shift a temporary reaction or a long-term trend? How will it shape the future of travel and tourism? Insights from the HSMAI Global Distribution Advisory Board.