Interview Prep Resources

Insights on how to ace the interview

How do you get hired in hospitality? Landing a position in Hospitality Sales, Marketing or Revenue Management starts with informing yourself before an interview. These insights and interview prep questions will help you see how your current skills can fit into a new role in hospitality.

Sales Position Interview Prep Questions

Whether you are interviewing for your first sales position or a new one, these sample interview questions will help you prepare

Digital Marketing Interview Prep Questions

These sample questions will help you prepare for an interview for a hospitality digital marketing position whether you are new to the industry or interviewing for a new role.

Insights For Interviews: Hospitality Revenue Management

This interview with leading revenue management expert Bonnie Buckhiester  offers helpful insights into career roles, and job descriptions, as well as advice on how to begin, build and maintain a successful career path in the global hospitality industry.