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A new report offers encouraging news about women in leadership positions in hotel sales, marketing, and revenue management. Custom analysis done by Peggy Berg, Chair, Castell Project, for the HSMAI Foundation looks at the progress being made by female professionals compared to those in other industry fields.

Hotel HR Responses to the Pandemic

During a series of executive roundtables that the HSMAI Foundation organized in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific, hotel HR leaders shared the strategies and practices they have implemented in response to the talent crisis that COVID 19 has triggered throughout the industry.

Half of U.S. Hospitality Workers Won’t Return in Job Crunch

More than half of U.S. hospitality workers wouldn’t go back to their old jobs and over a third aren’t even considering reentering the industry, according to a survey that underscores hiring challenges for restaurants, bars and hotels.

Where the Staffing Crisis Lives

Is the talent shortage hitting hardest at the unit or corporate level? Hospitality executives across functions — sales, marketing, revenue, digital, and assets — says it’s a little bit of both. Or in some cases, a lot.