HSMAI Foundation Talent Best Practices 2021

The hospitality industry continues to face talent challenges around the globe. The HSMAI Foundation is aggregating talent best practices from around the world to see how companies are innovating and changing their approaches to traditional ways to recruit, hire and develop hospitality sales, marketing, and revenue professionals.

Categories for submissions for talent best practices for hospitality sales, marketing, and revenue teams in the following areas:

  • Attracting Talent – Examples of best practice areas include recruiting, sourcing qualified applicants, unique search avenues or demographics.
  • Hiring Talent – Best practice submission areas could include screening and interviewing practices, benefits package, negotiation, onboarding.
  • Developing Talent to Optimize Retention – Areas of emphasis to internship programs, career pathing, training initiatives, teamwork efforts, motivation, incentives, and recognition.

Submissions are being taken online with details required in Situation; Goals; Solution; and Results. Selected best practices will be featured in a Special Report that will be distributed throughout the industry. Submission deadline is January 31, 2022.

HSMAI Foundation Talent Best Practice Submission

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